International Society for
Quality of Life Research

Russian Chapter

Annual report
Year 2008

1. The network of specialists in Russia with the experience in quality of life and symptom research was created.

There is the network in the following fields of medicine:


2. The national bank of internationally accepted PRO tools was created.

The information about cultural and linguistic adaptation and validation is available.

3.Training in the field of PRO in medicine for physicians and researchers was provided (2-days workshops on regular basis).

4. All-Russian scientific conference “Quality of Life Research in Health-care” was conducted on 1-3 October, 2008 in Moscow.

  • The Russian Chapter of ISOQOL was the first founder of the conference.
  • More than 200 participants from 28 Russian cities took part in the conference.
  • Participants from 4 countries of the former SU states (Belorussia, Kyrgistan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan) were present.

5. The regular issues of the All-Russian scientific journal “Bulletin of the Multinational Center for QoL Research” were published.

Information about the activities of the Russian Chapter of ISOQOL was provided.

6. Contacts with EHA Scientific Working Group “Quality of Life and Symptoms” were established.

Members of ISOQOL-RC, Prof. Andrei Novik and Dr.T. Ionova, are actively involved in EHA SWG activities. Together with ISOQOL members, Prof. D.Osoba and Prof. S. Salek, they will coordinate the preparation of European Guidelines on PRO in hematology.

7. Contacts with EBMT Scientific Working Party “Late Effectes” were established.

8. Consulting of physicians and researchers in the field of PRO research from Russia, Urkaine, Belorussia, Kazakchtan, Kurkmenistan, and Turkestan was provided.

9. Dissemination of information about ISOQOL among Russian specialists was provided.

    Special flyer on the activities of ISOQOL-RC was made; dissemination within All-Russian and regional conferences and meetings
    Separate slides on the activities of ISOQOL-RC were included in the presentations of ISOQOL-RC members at the All-Russian and regional conferences and meetings
    Special section on ISOQOL-RC at the web-site of Multinational Center for QoL Research was made

10. Dissemination of information about ISOQOL among specialists in the former SU states was provided.

For contacts:
Tatyana Ionova
Chair, Russian Chapter of ISOQOL
Tel: +7 962 727 10 29
Fax: +7 (812) 579-30-87, +7 (812) 579-61-38