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Books 2012

1. Pediatric oncology. National guidelines / еditors: M.D. Aliev, V.G. Polyakov, G.L. Mentkevich, S.A. Mayakova. Moscow: Publishing house RANS, Practical medicine, 2012. 684 p. (In Russian)

2. Ionova T.I., Melnichenko V.Y., Fedorenko D.A., Novik A.A. Method for assessing symptoms in oncological and oncohematological patients: Teaching aid / ed. by Y.L. Shevchenko. Moscow, 2012. 44 p. (In Russian)

3. Ionova T.I., Novik A.A. Guide to the study of quality of life in medicine (3rd edition, revised and enlarged) / ed. by Y.L. Shevchenko. Moscow: Publishing house RANS, 2012. 528 p. (In Russian)

4. Novik A.A., Ionova T.I., Moiseyenko E.I. Quality of life in children cured of oncological diseases. Chapter 5. In the book: Medical, psychological and social adaptation of children cured of cancer / ed. by M.D. Aliev. Moscow, 2012. P. 130-160. (In Russian)

5. The path of knowledge is long, life is short. Memories of Andrei Arkadyevich Novik / Compiled by T.I. Ionova; editor Y.L. Shevchenko. St. Petersburg: MCQL, 2012. 344 p. (In Russian)

6. Guidelines. Patient-reported outcomes in hematology / еditors: A. Novik, S. Salek, T. Ionova. Genoa: Forum service editore. 2012. 203 p.

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