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Bulletin of the Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research

Bulletin of the Multinational Center of Quality of Life Research

В. А. Кожокеева

Quality of life parameters of adult population of Bishkek: population study with the use of generic questionnaire SF-36

The aim of the population study was to determine quality of life in adult population of Bishkek city and to gain general and standardized quality of life scores. The study was conducted using the SF-36 Russian-language version of questionnaire. Population sample included 1830 residents of Bishkek city.
Social functioning (78.9) and physical functioning (78.1) were the highest quality of life parameters; the lowest ones – role emotional functioning (58.1 points). Men had higher quality of life scores than women for all of the scales. The differences were statistically significant (p<0,001) for physical functioning, pain, general health, social functioning, and role emotional functioning. The most prominent age-related decrease of quality of life was registered for physical functioning and role physical functioning scales (60.3 and 61.2 %, retrospectively). Those changes were more pronounced in women than in men.
As a result of the study the reference database of standardized population quality of life scores was created. The analysis of standardized parameters showed that men population in Bishkek city have truly better quality of life compared to female population(p<0,01). Moreover, quality of life decreased with age both in men and in women.

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